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Day Twenty Three: Limbo



(in some Christian beliefs) the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptised infants, and of the "just who died" before Christ's coming. - oblivion - void - non-existence - neither heaven nor hell

an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermedia

I was scrolling through my phone notes the other day and found this:

“The next time you are not writing, remember that your creativity has ebbs and flows. So does your life. Sometimes, those two rivers do not flow in the same direction - in fact, they rarely do. But do not despair. Eventually, they will meet again.”

Written, to myself, early December last year. I’d just had a very creative period of time - things were flowing - and I guess I was trying to retain that optimism and positivity about my creative process. It seems to stall with regularity.

It has been a big year, sure, and I haven’t had a spare moment to feel creative since probably February (which until this past weekend was the last time I really looked at my WIP). But I’m on the other side of that now and after a 30 day writing challenge in August (that I am still finishing up) I do feel the inklings of creativity coming back to me. Kind of like, my foot has been asleep for a long time and now I’ve stood up and I’ve got pins and needles.

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who compares their creative process to something deeply uncomfortable.

I met up with my writing group last week and it seemed quite a few of us were dealing with the same feelings of doubt and loss of confidence. In a way, it was comforting to know I wasn’t alone. It was a reminder that these pauses in our creativity are normal.

I’m not a big fan of waiting around for things to happen - in fact, that is not how I operate at all. Writing limbo is a place that really challenges my patience. But since my foot has started tingling, there are a few things I’ve done to get myself ready for the creative burst that I’m sure is lurking just around the corner…

1. I booked a retreat for beginning of November. 6 days/nights all to myself to write. 2. Got my lap top sorted so that I could write at home again.

3. Downloaded my WIP onto my desktop from my Google Drive

4. I am continuing with the August challenge (at least two days have got me writing the novel again) and plan to have it done before November starts.

To do:

1. Nanowrimo - last year I found the daily word tally very helpful so I think I should give it another go.

2. Organise my office so that I can actually use it to write.

Potential challenges:

1. We are moving house in the next 5-6 weeks so I expect that is going to disrupt my writing environment substantially! Will need to work out how to handle this. Maybe plan to write outside the house - not at work, but somewhere else.

What are some of the methods you use to get back to your creativity?