• emkate_utter

Day Twenty: Runaway|Overheard At The Coffee Bar

‘It creeps me out, the idea of someone just wandering away.’


‘I mean you really can’t be in your right mind.’

‘Well, and I just feel so bad for the parents, you know.’


‘Is this the girl who left her hotel room?’

‘Aye, we were just saying.’

‘Terrible. Just awful.’

‘And then there’s those boys, in Canada.’


‘Killed three people and then wandered into the woods and killed themselves.’

‘Aye it was reported here, too.’

‘It’s not that I can’t see why people would do a murder – but it’s the wandering off that really gets me.’

‘Well and there was a huge manhunt. They brought in the military and nothing. Covered several thousand acres of Manitoba back-country.’

‘There was a man in our village who did it. They found him a few days later. He wasn’t in his right mind either.’

‘It’s always a hiker, or someone walking their dog.’

‘And the boy at Christmas. Same thing. Some poor guy and his daughter found him no where near where they were looking.’


‘Oh That’s good coffee today.’

'From Markies!'