• emkate_utter

Day Nineteen: Sunset|How To Warp A Memory

It was the first real one we got.

So much rain and maybe the wrong time of year for bright evenings.

But you had determined the travel window.

One thing I forgot was the smell of the sea.

Not in the air, but on my skin and in my hair.

So I had already showered.

What I wanted was to look at that sky anyway.

But you were more interested in another swim.

Shook your head, probably, when I declined.

I took a thousand photos – maybe – to try to remember that view.

And in the lower quadrant is your dark and lopsided form.

Wandering into the waves.

I remember there was music and some guy doing a dance in the sand.

I could have sat there, appreciating my aloneness for the first time in weeks.

Could have wished that you would keep walking until you were gone.

Instead, months later, I painted one photo, on my deck, back home.

Worked at it a little every day until it was almost a perfect copy of the photo.

Except you had continued walking.

Had gone away and joined the other sea monsters.