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August 30 word challenge

I got married at the end of June and the 3 months going into the wedding were some of the most intensely stressful of my life. I usually perform well under pressure but there was only time to perform well at one thing, which was - wedding planning (and just generally keeping it together mentally and emotionally).

Needless to say, I haven't written a creative word in far too long. I don't feel like much of a writer right now. I don't have a 'new' project that I can apply for funding for a retreat (which is what I really need), so instead, I have devised a 30 day word challenge to get the creative waters flowing. Juices. Filling the well. There is a metaphor here somewhere. Riverssss.

So my chum, Donna (who is a visual artist), and I, are going to write/make a piece of work every day through August that is inspired by/about whichever word we have picked for that day. I've got the list, I will probably make up some kind of lottery for choosing words at work tomorrow, and things will all kick off on Thursday, August 1st!

THEN just to put more pressure on myself I am going to post my piece from each day here, on my blog; Donna is going to post a photo of her piece to Instagram. We won't know what the other is thinking/has done until the post goes up.


If you have any words over the next 48 hours that you'd like to add to the list, please comment and let us know. BE MATURE ABOUT IT (you know who you are, thinking about posting 'boobs'). Dinna.

Watch this space.


our brains in August